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...cerebral palsy is a non progressive, lifelong disorder characterized by loss of movement or loss of
other nerve functions.


The Republic of Panama has a population of 3 million people, with a large percentage living below the poverty line. At present, it is estimated that Panama has more than 15,000 untreated cases of cerebral palsy, roughly double the percentage of cases per capita as exhibited by other developed countries. Cerebral palsy is the most common disability in Panama. Sadly, the vast majority of cases go untreated due to prohibitively expensive medical care and treatment, lack of education, and inadequate resources. Additionally, the total number of cases continues to increase yearly due to the continued lack of awareness about the disorder, and the absence of measures to prevent it from occurring, especially in rural areas.

Women still do not visit a doctor during their pregnancy, nor do most Panamanian schools provide a suitable environment in which children with cerebral palsy can be educated. Lack of education about this and other disabilities coupled with a challenged economy make many parts of daily life, such as education, transportation, and social interaction, inaccessible to people with disabilities. In fact, many disabled people are confined to their homes.



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